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Mindful Interaction

Dream it ... Imagine it ... Believe it ... Action it ... Create it ... Live it



Lets change our relationship with stress

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“STRESS is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness” … a very interesting point of view that Richard Carlson shares, don’t ya think?

I believe that our challenges, tensions, discomforts and times of stress are generally indications that we’ve outgrown something or that something in our life needs to change. I believe that its an opportunity for GROWTH.

What is YOUR something ?

When we start to BELIEVE that stress has purpose, we have less interest in seeking quick fixes to ease our discomforts and instead we embrace our adversities as wonderful gifts. We dive into those spaces to fully explore them … to find our pearls.

What is YOUR response to stress ?

Do you shut down?

Do you seek out medications?

Do you self medicate with cigs/booze?

Do you soothe with comfort foods/sex?

Do you avoid the discomfort?

I’ve done ALL of the above because I didn’t know any better. But stress management is a habitual process, so we CAN change things . By being more mindful of our automatic responses, which is the key to changing our relationship with discomfort, which then changes our experience of stress.

My advice is …

Take the TIME OUT and prioritize and privelage the experience for what it is.

Be more aware of our NEEDS and have the courage to identify and fullfill our deeper needs, which Rivka Levy (Jewish emotional health: 2015) describes as being our energy centres. According to Rivka wellness is determined upon fullfillment of our 8 deeper needs …

1. Our ability to just “BE” … our faith based foundation for everything

2. Our ability to “FEEL” … our sense of gratitude for everything as it is

3. Our ability to “THINK” … our state of ego that determines our truth

4. Our ability to “LOVE” … our belief in unique goodness

5. Our ability to “SPEAK” … our purpose of self expression and actualization

6. Our ability to “SEE” … our insight into limitations that hinder change and self improvement

7. Our ability to “ASPIRE” … our transcendence of self and relationships towards unconditional love ❤

8. Our ability to “TRANSFORM” … our courage to develop, evolve and grow

When we start to break it down stress management involves much more than we realize. But the more we understand the more effective our monitoring and management of stress will be ��

Engaging in unhealthy habits as a way of coping with stress doesn’t get rid of the source of stress, it only surpresses it. The source of tension will continue to bubble underneath the surface until we explode. Or we will suffer disease and illness. Sometimes identifying the source of tension is a challenge of its own, especially when we struggle to live our truths.

So a good starting point is to explore alternative activities that we associate with relaxation, especially during times of stress. Maybe like me, your something is to create NEW healthier habits that will improve your overall health and wellbing ?

So here’s some healthier responses to stress that I’ve been doing myself …

SLOWING DOWN and becoming more aware of my deeper needs, by noticing what’s going on within and around me.

SEEKING SUPPORT and knowing that I’m not alone. Utilizing my support networks and the bountiful information & resources that we have at our fingertips.

Taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY because blaming external causes only gives away my power for change.

NOURISHING my body with more healthy goodness and less processed foods and drinking more water. Because basic self care strategies also nourishes my mind with healthier and more productive thoughts.

SLEEP & RESTING because its not only OK to take time out, sometimes its ESSENTIAL for my healing.

Increasing EXERCISE & physical activity because it helps to process the messy mind and shifts blocked energy.

Spending more time in NATURE because it grounds and connects me with the flow of universal energies.

Being more CREATIVE and PLAYFUL because it taps into my self expression and imagination. I do more things I enjoy and experiment with other things I haven’t yet done and I have FUN doing it ��

MEDITATING because it helps me to become more aware of my connection to self and the source of divine truth

And for the seekers I EXPLORE the space of stress by asking …

What is causing me discomfort?

What is or has changed in my life?

How am I thinking about it?

How does it make me feel?

What am I avoiding and Why?

What am I afraid of?

What is hurting me?

How does the change support my growth?

"Its not the load thats breaks us but the way we carry it"


CLICK on the link above to access this and more on my blog Breaking the Habitz :)

Not here to be perfect, here to LOVE

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What is your addiction ???

I think I might be addicted to LOVE

Ive explored and researched addiction a lot over the years during my quest of self discovery because of my own bad habits. Learning how a bad habit is formed and why it becomes an addiction has been a very confronting but beneficial experience. (An addiction is a pattern of compulsive behaviour that can have negative impacts on our health and well being).

But it was only the beginning of understanding who I am …

We are so much more than what we think, how we feel and why we do things. We are also wonderful beings of energy and light. Each given the privilege of living a human life, equipped with a mind, a heart and intuition to help us create the opportunities and experiences that we personally need to learn and grow from. But sometimes we can get stuck and fall into bad habits because we loose sight of who we really are and what we are here for.

As we move through our every day lives, we can become mindless in our interactions and habitual in our routines. As we confront our challenges in love, we forget that love isn’t something that we have, it is who we are. When we confront death, we focus on the loss and forget that energy doesn’t die, it goes back to the source of creation (whatever that may be) and continues to influence our life here on Earth.

I believe in magic and that each and every one of us are walking miracles, with the ability to heal and create the life we imagine. Our purpose to find meaning, follow our passions and share it with the world.

To find both purpose and meaning we need to connect with ourselves, others, nature and the source. But our bad habits can sometimes become addictions that disconnect us from ourselves, others, our purpose and the source. Holding us back from living our full potential.

The first and most challenging step in changing our habits is to acknowledge them. To be accountable for ourselves isn’t always easy because its difficult for us to admit our downfalls because we feel less than. But remember that we are neither right nor wrong because there are only choices that bring different experiences and consequences, which we learn from … there are no “mistakes”. We are neither good nor bad because we are all perfectly flawed and we are all beautiful in those imperfections

“Don’t judge someone just because they sin differently to you”


CLICK on the link above to access this and more on my blog Breaking the Habitz :)

Calling ourselves out on our own bullshit

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Why does a man awaken a woman’s love, with no intentions of loving her in the way that she deserves to be loved ?

Is a question that’s often ran through my mind during my own heart breaks

Oh yes … I’ve allowed my heart to be abused in this way far too many times to mention, but I willingly walked into each and every experience. I chose to follow my heart and then carry it all the way into the depths of despair and desperation

Heart break at its finest

But ladies and gents … it’s time to take back our power and use the heart for the purpose it was created … to LOVE

Maybe … such men and women are providing us with a gift ?

What if they are awakening us to love ?

Maybe … its got very little to do with the other person at all ?

What if its teaching US to fall in love with the wonderful person that WE are ?

Hmmmmm she ponders

The time has come to rewrite the story about how and why our hearts are broken because I’m no longer buying in to my own bull shit

Lets change our experience of heart break and GROW from it, instead of being paralyzed and overwhelmed by our heart hurts and fears

After all … the gardens that grow best have been fertilized by some very good shit

For TOO long we’ve bought into the fairy tale stories about how the princess is rescued by her prince charming. That we are somehow less than if we are without a partner. But the truth is some women are warriors who are well equipped to handle challenges alone

These wild women refuse to compromise themselves or lower their expectations

… and why should they ?

Such women still open themselves up to love, but they wont hesitate to walk away from anything that causes ongoing conflict and discomfort because she isn’t afraid to walk the path alone, which is why such women are hard to hold onto

But when a romance is over, passions fade and truth sets in, we are thrown out of the fantasy and back into reality with a bang and we feel broken … but WHY ?

We are mature grown ups (most of the time) and acknowledge that not all connections turn into relationships and not all relationships last forever. So what prevents us from allowing the love to come and go as its meant to ?

Why dont we flow ?

What are we holding on to ?

and why the fuck dont we let go ?

Perhaps, its those once upon a time stories we’ve been sucked into and those old out dated scripts that we replay over and over in our minds. Thoughts that reaffirm our beliefs that when a connection changes or a relationship is over …

… that somehow we weren’t good enough or worthy

Well … I’m calling BULLSHIT !!!

Because WE are more than enough … ALL of us

We are ALL growing in love and we are ALL responsible for our own happiness

When we believe this to be true, we no longer hold another person responsible for our happiness and we then stop making someone else accountable for our hurts. We begin to take personal responsibility for our choices and start growing from our experience

We learn how to forgive those who hurt us and ourselves for hurting the one we love because we allow love to flow freely

Our hearts stay open, even when a connection changes or a relationship ends

We AWAKEN to our truth and we BECOME the love

Sounds easy enough … right ?

Well … I guess that all depends on how much shit we are shoveling


CLICK on the link above to access this and more on my blog Breaking the Habitz :)

Lets rewrite out stories and CREATE new experiences

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Whether we are 17, 39, 60 or 93 years old, life rarely goes to plan and regardless of what decade we are in, most of us already know that truth. So, why then do we get our knickers in a knot when things dont unfold in the way we had hoped or expected them to ?

I think its the stories that we are told and believe in …

Most of us have been brought up to believe that we grow up, we get a job, we fall in love, we get married, we have kids, we work hard and we raise a family

Its what I did … but life doesn’t always go to plan

Not everyone wants to grow up, while others need to grow, jobs can be difficult to find, money can be hard to come by, love can be lost or not found at all, tragedies can strike, death can be sudden, families can be separated and not all relationships are meant to last forever

My life certainly hasn’t gone as planned

When I got married, I didn’t plan on getting divorced

When we had children, I didn’t plan on breaking our family apart

When I finished uni, I didn’t plan on being in the same role

When I fell in love, I didn’t plan on it being with men who hurt me

… but, do we really plan for life or does it just happen as its meant to ?

If our choices determine our reality, then why do we choose to struggle ?

What does the struggle teach us ?

Hmmmmmm she ponders

I’ve always followed my heart and so my brain often lags behind, which is something that can cause both myself and other people frustration, whenever I start to wander down a path that looks to be a little too familiar, bumpy and overgrown

Ive had multiple heated discussions with family and friends about this very same topic. Concerned loved ones sharing their opinions and trying their hardest to steer me in a different direction to avoid the disappointment and hurt. But I strongly believe that there are valuable lessons to learn from going down those paths and having those experiences, which is why my heart guides me there in the first place … isn’t it ?

What if going the wrong way can actually lead us in the right direction ?

What if we find our passion and purpose by wandering down a no through road ?

What if the u turn leads us back towards our wildest dreams ?

What if trail blazing our own path inspires others to follow their own ?

I usually have a general idea of where I want to go, but my direction seems to keep changing as I do, which makes sense I suppose but it can get very confusing. I’m learning to flow with a little more ease than I used to, but it hasn’t been an easy lesson to learn. Life can still get messy as I continue to confront my own ugly truths, heal my own hurts and overcome my own fears. And even now, with this new understanding about myself, I still hold on a little longer than I should

So, I asked myself … WHY do I hold on when I know its time to let go ?

I think perhaps it has something to do with being the kind of woman who flows with how I feel more than how I think. So, if I’m feeling good and my needs are being met, then there is no problem to think about. It doesn’t matter then how other people perceive my situation to be because my mind doesn’t really start to process until I start to feel the tension. And usually by then my heart is already invested and so I consider more than just my own needs … and that’s when the tensions start to turn into conflict

However, conflict is the fuel for change and so it’s an essential part of our growth

So, why would I choose to avoid it ?

The more we focus on creating change in our lives, then yes the more conflicts we are going to have, because they provide us with an opportunity to explore our experience and communicate our needs. Unfortunately, it’s also when we may identify that our needs have changed and therefore we are choosing a different path, which is something we dont really want to know if we are in love someone or we have a specific goal in mind

It then takes time for our minds to process this new information and it takes time for our hearts to accept this new truth. A time when we can either resist and get messy or flow and change. Yes, we always have a choice, but we can often fall back into bad habits when we are in those in between spaces of who we once were and who we are becoming

Learning how to be gentler with ourselves during this process of change is when we may need a little extra support and a reminder, that what we are feeling and how we choose to move through the change is OK … because there is no right or wrong way. What is right for me, may not be for you and what is right for you, may not be for me

When I start stepping out of my heart and focus my attention on how my thoughts are shaping my reality, I start to dig a little deeper into my belief systems, which is where I find the stories that influence my choices

What stories do you need to rewrite to change your experience ?


CLICK on the link above and access this and on my blog Breaking the Habitz :)

Allow the downs to transform you

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It takes courage to love ourselves, which is why its easier to focus on loving someone else

Maybe that’s why my heart was suddenly pulled back towards you ?

Right now … I’m sitting in some emotional funk

Revelations have popped up into my consciousness that bring new insights

Insights that serve to transform me … but into what ?

This doesn’t feel like an awakening … it feels more like the damn quickening !!!

A cellular rush

A molecular miracle

A strange, yet wonderful feeling …

Of being fully aware of the changes occurring inside of my body and mind

As if actually feeling the deconstruction of an old belief system and the reconstruction of a new paradigm ?

Bizarre !!!

Consciously aware of the thoughts that are running at high speed in my mind, as my ego frantically tries to make sense of the new information … but its like Ive left the computer running and just walked out of the room

Consciously aware of the feeling of unrest that keeps my heart in a constant state of anxiety, as my heart excitedly contracts and opens up to receive more love … but its like Ive left the engine running and just vacated the vehicle

As if observing myself from a safer distance

Maybe … its just another form of AVOIDANCE ?

Or perhaps … I’m relaxing into a state of BEING ?

As I relax into the space and choose to flow with whatever may surface …

all I can do is WAIT

No need to explain, rationalize, justify or even understand

Just allowing me to simply describe it … is enough


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The voices inside of my head

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Our thoughts can often become a huge headache and at times drive us completely out of our minds, turn us upside down, make us feel stir crazy and drive us completely bonkers

Our beautiful minds have the ability to take us all there … You and Me

Which is why learning to understand how our brain functions and processes information is an essential part of our change and growth because our thoughts DO shape our reality

I’m truly fascinated by the mind. Its a wonderful complex structure that’s constantly firing off signals to the rest of our body, which influences every part of our lived experience. And just as a car needs to undergo regular maintenance, so does our brain

What do we eat and drink ?

How much sleep and rest do we have ?

What company do we keep ?

How much physical activity and exercise do we do ?

What habits do we maintain ?

It all impacts on how our brain functions and processes. I often compare our brain to a computer because it works so much in the same way. Our mind also needing to reboot the hard drive (beliefs) and upgrade the software (thoughts)

Why ?

Because new experiences continue to alter how we perceive and understand our world and ourselves

Although I am a woman who flows with the ebbs and flow of the moon. I am also a woman of logic and reason, which is why I put just as much time and effort into observing my thoughts as I do flowing with my feelings

I love my brain … seriously I do

But I dont believe everything she thinks is truth … at least not MY truth

She really is quite brilliant and there’s still so much potential to be unleashed from her, but quite honestly, sometimes what she thinks is total utter NONSENSE

Sorting out the truth from the nonsense can be an uncomfortable and time consuming process, but it can also be very interesting and at times quite amusing

Have you ever wondered where our thoughts come from ?

I have … of course ☺ and the more I observe my thoughts, the more interesting the voices in my head become

No, I am not suffering from a personality disorder, but I can totally appreciate how those voices could quite easily become the monsters in our head. And I have the utmost compassion for those who suffer from debilitating mental health disorders, which is what motivates me to explore the mind so deeply

Ignorance isn’t always so blissful, especially for those who are suffering from symptoms of depression and anxiety. So, the more we understand how our brain ticks, the more we can support positive change in our own and someone elses life

Lets talk about the voices inside of my head

A voice has something to say about this very blog I am writing now

She says …

“People are gonna read this and think, who the hell are you to help someone, when you’re so fucked up yourself, you’re hearing voices in your head woman” !!!

Hmmmm valid point she raises … I suppose

But who is she ?

She is my beautiful EGO ❤

We learned all about the different aspects of our human psyche in psychology, which was a very interesting journey to be sure. Freud was a brilliant thinker, neurologist and the father of psychoanalysis, who takes us deep inside of our consciousness

Allow me to introduce you to ID, EGO and SUPEREGO

So, objectively speaking we ALL have 3 voices inside of our heads

Our ID is the “YES man” or the voice of our inner child… shes our most primal self, shes impulsive and she seeks to increase pleasure and decrease tension. She focuses primarily on her own needs, with little regard of others. Shes the one who drives all of those wonderful bad habits we have, but shes also the GO getter and the get things DONE woman

Our SUPEREGO is the “NO man” or the voice of our mother … shes our moral grounding, shaped by our social conditioning. She tries to control the impulsive nature of ID by offering the opinion of what is believed to be right and wrong. Shes a bit of a party pooper, but she also maintains a sense of order in our lives

Our EGO is our “MIDDLE man” or the voice of our inner critic … shes our self regulator, compromising between the needs of ID and the social expectations of SUPEREGO. Shes the thinking, feeling and willing aspects of how we experience and react to the outside world. Shes primarily driven by fear, often holding us back, but she serves to protect us

But what about the other voices ?

The voice of our INTUITION … “a phenomenon of the mind, describing the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason”

The voice of our SPIRIT GUIDES … “incorporeal beings that are assigned to us before we are born that help nudge and guide us through life. Responsible for helping us fulfill the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before we incarnate”

The voice of our FAITH … and whether we name it as God, Buddha, Allah, Nature or Universe, they all refer to the same source of creation and being

With so many voices talking inside of our heads, its no wonder that our thoughts can sometimes drive us completely out of our minds

How the fuck do we determine who is who ?

It would be so much easier if they all spoke in different accents (wink)

But … WHAT IF going out of our mind helps us to fall into our hearts ?

WHAT IF our thoughts drive us out of our minds so that we can tap into the voice of intuition, spirit guides and faith more easily ?

Hmmmmm … she ponders


CLICK on the link above to access this on my blog Breaking the Habitz :)


The Wondering Woman

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She woke up on Mothers Day morning alone …

No husband holding her tenderly, waiting to greet her with a good morning kiss

No small children standing beside the bed with smiling eyes, waiting to be hugged

No one to hold onto as she reached out for the comfort of touch

… she exhaled and her heart retracted with hurts that still linger

Sometimes she gazes through the windows of the past with a sense of wonder

She wonders …

Why did the universe bring her a family destined to be broken apart ?

Why did her heart have to shatter into a thousand pieces many times over ?

Why hasn’t her life unfolded like others ?

then she listens…

Family, is about so much more than what we can see

Motherhood, is about so much more than what we think

Love, is about so much more than what we know

… she inhaled and her heart expanded with the possibilities of what if ?

Sometimes she gazes through the windows of the future with a sense of wonder

She wonders …

What if families fall apart because they are creating something new ?

What if hearts break open so the energy of love and light can flow ?

What if we are destined for more ?

then she listens …

Breaking unhealthy attachments will rebuild stronger connections

The truth can be found when we have the courage to follow our heart

Our questions lead us towards the answers

… she breathed deeply and her heart opened up to the love


CLICK on the link above to access this on my blog Breaking the Habitz :)

Seek and you shall find

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Contemplating over some recent conversations Ive had, I’m reminded that although seeking solitude is an essential part of our spiritual change and growth, so too are the conversations we have with others

I often seek solitude and isolate myself to process new information, release emotions and to basically privilege my own changes as they flow. I find I need this time and space more, the deeper I go because without it I begin to feel suppressed and quite agitated. Other times I seek out conversation that stimulates my interest, which sparks off more curiosities, takes me in other directions and raises different questions. Throwing Rapunzel back into her tower of solitude for more reflective thinking

Its no secret that I have a passionate interest into the human experience. Ive been exploring different layers of truth for some years now. How our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, energy and relationships have and DO influence our experiences. Learning to identify how our hurts and fears create blocks that hold us back from living the life we imagine. I’m also very curious about how our individual perceptions of reality can dramatically alter our experiences, which raises some interesting questions to ponder …

How does my reality differ from yours ?

What creates and supports those differences ?

Why are we challenged and threatened by some realities ?

Can we exist in multiple realities at the same time ?

Over the years Ive often been told that I live in my own fantasy fairy world, to open my eyes to how the world “really” is, to get my head out of the clouds, to take off my rose coloured glasses and to be “realistic”

Over the years conversations with my family has highlighted how many of my memories often differ to theirs, which has nothing to do with my inability to recall and everything to do with only remembering things that are of importance to me. Conversations with friends who have made similar life choices, yet had very different experiences. Conversations with people diagnosed with dementia, depression, anxiety, bi-polar and schizophrenia who each have a different experience of reality. I’m intrigued by conversations with mystics and psychics who connect with spirit that co-exists alongside our reality. I believe in reincarnation, past lives and that there are other life forms existing on other planets and Ive recently been challenged by the possibility of parallel universes and multiple dimensions

Seriously ? … its all mind blowing stuff !!!

Speaking of which … Ive recently had several experiences of “face morphing” or otherwise known as “transmutation” … something Ive never even thought of before, let alone experienced. It first happened while I was washing my hands at the bathroom sink, looking into the mirror and seeing someone elses face, which I just put down to poor lighting and sleepy eyes. Then my sister witnessed my face change during a conversation, which we just laughed off until my Mam had the same experience chatting with me a few days later … is the whole family crazy ? … Absolutely ☺ hahahahahaha

Although Ive heard various opinions and theories, I’m still not really sure what I believe or what it actually means, but its intriguing me. There are a lot of conversations being had on various social media platforms about how our world is shifting from a 3rd to 5th dimensional consciousness. Those who believe that my face morphing experience is reflective of my own energy shifts, which led me to do a little research

In brief ….

The 3rd Dimension is the material world of thought, which is our physical reality. Here we often experience a strong sense of separation from ourselves, others and the source of creation because we are exploring the material world in our human form. Our focus is primarily on raising our families, buying our homes, going to work, planning holidays and paying the bills. We seek retirement and we grow older. We identify ourselves as being a mother, a daughter, a nurse and a student etc. We describe ourselves as being someone who is honest, smart, curious, loyal and responsible etc. Its where the thinkers wander

The 4th Dimension is the magical world of emotion, which is the astral plane of truth. Here we experience a strong sense of polarity because its where we learn how to balance our light/darkness and our strength/shadow. Our primary focus is connecting to spirit and tapping into our creative potential. We seek enlightenment and we grow wiser. Its where we find unusual powers and phenomenon. We identify ourselves as being a witch, enchantress, psychic, healer and light worker etc. Its where the magic makers, star gazers, heart healers, spirit whisperers, moon worshipers, forest dwellers, artists, visionaries, time travellers and astral projectors drift

The 5th Dimension is the miraculous world of love, which is the heavenly plane of light. Here we experience a strong sense of connection to ourselves, others and the source of creation because we are open for universe to manifest miracles though us. We are co-creators of our reality with universe. In this space our actions are based entirely on love, not fear because there is complete trust and faith in spirit. We seek nothing and we grow lighter. We identify ourselves as being divine beings of love and light and openly share our visions. Its where the spiritual masters and mentors mosey

Hmmmmm … she ponders

Our journey back home to ourselves is quite the wonderful adventure. Makes you wonder why more of us aren’t booking in time off work to travel the astral planes and transcend instead of going on trips abroad ☺

So … HOW do we raise our energetic vibrations and tap into these other magical and miraculous dimensions where we can co-create with universe ?

We understand that everything is energy that is meant to FLOW, therefore nothing is permanent and is forever changing. A belief that assists us to identify anything that may be blocking the flow, whether it be a thought, an emotion, a hurt, a fear or a belief

We understand that what we think, how we feel and what we do NOW is what matters most. A belief that helps us to make better choices for ourselves in the moment. Doing things like journal writing helps us to observe our thoughts and express our feelings. Tapping into our right brain and CREATING helps us to stay PRESENT

We become more conscious of our thoughts and BELIEVE that everything IS possible, that what we want to create already exists (Law of attraction)

We cultivate a grateful heart because the vibration of GRATITUDE attracts more positive things into our lives

We live LOVE by allowing our hearts to guide us. We do what we love, be with who we love and surround ourselves with whoever and whatever it is we want more of

We become more ACTIVE, move our bodies and DANCE

We eat less processed crap and eat more RAW foods

We drink more WATER

We make time to MEDITATE and breathe deeply

We walk BARE FOOT on the earth and dip our toes in the ocean

We gaze upon the sky and soak up sun and moon energies

We notice and look for BEAUTY in ALL things

We DE-CLUTTER our work and living spaces

We HUG and be hugged

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self transformation” (Lao Tzu)


CLICK on the link above to access this on my blog Breaking the Habitz :)

Let the Universe guide you

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I’m learning that the more I follow my heart, the easier I flow with my emotions, the more observant I am of my thoughts, the more I trust my instincts, the more my energy flows with universe and the more guided I am

This morning I woke feeling unmotivated and emotional, so I decided to watch a movie because its usually a great way for me to release emotion. Browsing through the playlist I was drawn to “Equals” a futuristic film about the eradication of emotion. A brilliant story that helped me to process a tension within my own heart beautifully, which shifted my focus instead of dwelling in emotional confusion

The story is about how the “collective” live without feelings. Those diagnosed with a disease “SOS” (switched on syndrome) are treated with inhibitors to reduce emotion. Coupling is discouraged because that’s what obviously increases the symptoms of SOS, which are overwhelming emotions, unpredictable sensory experiences, difficulty concentrating, impulsivity, sensitivity, anxiety, depression, pain and acute behavioural chaos. All those wonderful human experiences to be embraced are denied because the “collective” seeks order. Order that is disrupted when people WAKE UP to their feelings and fall in love, which is punishable. Ever noticed how a great story will grab our attention when we are emotionally invested in it ☺

The couple who fall in love are disconnected from each other because during a medical she finds out she is pregnant (GASP). His heart is broken because he believes that he’s lost her forever, so he chooses to numb himself to the pain by taking the new found cure of emotion. She finds her way back to him but its too late because within a few hours he will only remember that he once loved her with no ability to “feel” the love they shared

A story that got my mind ticking on both a personal and a collective level

An accidental coincidence ?

Or divine guidance ?

This New moon in Cancer asks us to support our emotional needs by becoming more aware of those needs. Those of us with Cancer heavily in our natal charts will be feeling it the most. I’m Capricorn with Cancer rising, so my energy has been a buzz and this morning I was a beautiful mess. Energy that’s been intensified because the Goddesses are working on our Sacral chakra, which is our lower emotional center

Apparently the more centered we are in our Heart chakra (mother energy) the less likely we are to react from our lower emotional center, which is our Sacral chakra (inner child). This morning I acknowledged that my needs were not being met, which triggered a hurt and released some uncomfortable emotions.But by listening to my instincts I was guided towards something that supported me to flow with and process those emotions

At this time of month there is a lot of dark Goddess energy floating around (Lilith). Perhaps working through and clearing my own Lilith energy last month is helping me during this New Moon ? Lilith energy helps us to shine light on shadow and makes us take personal responsibility for it. She makes us see the truth of ourselves, of others and the world around us, which isn’t always a pleasant experience

But we aren’t able to CREATE new realities until we are able to SEE the truth

According to Tanishka the Goddess Aphrodite influences this energy point and she’s ALL about “relationship” with ourselves and others

The Sacral chakra is our E-motion heart space “feeling” centre, which governs our sexual and creative energy. So if we are experiencing any tensions and conflicts within our intimate relationships (either loving ourselves or others), if we are experiencing tensions around sex and love or if our creativity isn’t flowing then this is the energy center that may be blocked

To help activate energy flow in this area then we look into any issues around intimacy, sexuality, emotions, sensuality, commitment, security, honor, loyalty, fidelity and confidence

Accepting our emotions isn’t always easy because sometimes its uncomfortable and at times it can be fucking painful �� which is why many of us choose to deny, avoid, ignore and suppress our feelings. Especially when they involve our deepest darkest desires, which are usually connected to our fears and hurts. But when we finally ACCEPT and ALLOW our emotions to flow as they’re meant to, we start to release ourselves from any fears that are linked to our hurts

OPENING up our heart space to more LOVE

I believe that our hearts break OPEN for a reason …

Learning how to “make peace with death cycles, losses, transitions and endings in our lives and to ultimately know their goodness, rightness and purposefulness” isn’t an easy lesson for us to learn but its how we learn to recognize when its time to let go of a person, a situation, a behaviour, a habit, an emotion or a belief and move onto NEW BEGINNINGS


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A Dogs Purpose

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At the moment I have very few words to speak out loud

Only …

My darling, I’m so very sorry for your loss

Unspoken words flow freely from my heart and fall down onto the keyboard

As once again, I bare witness to your broken heart

Mothers instinct wants to hold onto you ever so tightly and take away the hurt that rips you open

But I know I must stand back, hold space and allow you to feel it

To grow from it

So I hold you and my heart breaks open too

Our tears flow from somewhere deep

Yes, we’ve been here before

And each time its as hard as the last

What is the purpose of a dog ?

A dog comes into our lives and teaches us about unconditional love

They challenge us to be better

Offering us faithful companionship and trusted friendship

Wagging tails and slobbery kisses

Expecting nothing but our time and attention to the present moment

But what if our doggy selection holds a deeper purpose ?

What if a dogs soul is reincarnated and comes back to us ?

We recently spoke about how Laska reminded us of Saffron

Both of them having similar uncanny features and personalities

Did Saffrons soul return to settle unfinished business ?

Its no secret that my choice to put Saffron to sleep still haunts me

Feelings of guilt still linger

Because as a protective mother I never gave you the option to be present

So here we are again …

In the veterinary surgery, but this time Laskas weak body lays on the table

And I’m so very very sorry that you must go through such pain again

Unable and unwilling to stay strong

My heart opens

Tears flow

And I bare witness to you …

My devoted daughter stroking your beloved little one ever so tenderly

Completely present as she takes her final breath

And I’m in awe of your courage and your strength

Time and time again you teach me so much about life and love

Over and over again I admire and respect the amazing woman you are becoming

As tragic and unfortunate as this is

In the depths of my heart I know the universe orchestrated something we sometimes struggle to understand

Both Saffron and Laska were brought to you because you needed them and they needed you

I believe that a soul is connected to yours

I trust that when the time is right the universe will bring you back together again

Today, we say farewell to her flesh

But know this …

Her spirit energy will forever and always be with you

You will hear it in the roar of the waves that lash up against the shore

You will see it in the twinkle of a star

You will feel it in the gentle breeze that blows soft kisses on your cheek

My darling, I love you so very very much


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